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Discover the Keys to Masterminding a $30,000 a Month Online Info-Business While Enjoying a Lifestyle of Financial Freedom, 100% From the Comfort of Your Laptop Computer…

Mentors: Sean Mize, Jimmy Wilson

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Discover the Keys to Masterminding a $30,000 a Month Online Info-Business While Enjoying a Lifestyle of Financial Freedom, 100% From the Comfort of Your Laptop Computer

Are you getting left behind?

I nearly lost my business . . . I suggest you read this carefully as I reveal what happened to me and why, and what I’ve done to change things (and what you can do too)

For: Information Marketers, Coaches, Gurus, Speakers, and Trainers who want to add $30,000 a month to their bottom line in the next 90 days

From: Sean Mize, 10:21 AM,

Have you ever thought, I want a $30,000 a month business like some of the gurus, but I just can’t pull it off?

Do you ever think, I know what to do, but when I do what the gurus do, I just don’t get the same results?

Maybe you’re already making $10k – $30k a month or more, but you just don’t know all the behind-the-scenes information that is so important.

Do you ever wish you could learn those tricks and secrets that make the difference?

If so, I understand.

I remember when I first got started online, and I only knew the basics: traffic, list, sales.

That’s all I knew.

So I started driving traffic.

Then I built a list.

Then I started created products.

But the money was coming in slowly.

The first month I made $125.

The second month I made $250.

The third month I made $900.

The fourth month I made $1600.

The fifth month . . . $3840

The sixth month . . . $5500

And continued to add about $1000 a month and in my 13th month online, I generated $15,347.

That was exciting for me!

$15,347 in a single month.

And I repeated that time and time again.

Many months were more than that – $20,000 – $30,000 a month, with a high month of $42,000.

It was an exciting time, God was blessing my business and my family in an incredible way.

We were able to travel extensively, we honeymooned in Costa Rica for a month, went back the following year for our anniversary, we’ve did a road trip to Alaska for 6 weeks, and spent numerous weeks and vacations both at the beach in Florida and in the mountains skiing.

Life was good, and it felt like it would continue for a long time.

Then the internet changed, and my entire business crashed around me.

Google changed, article marketing changed, all the ways I generated traffic changed.

My core business model was destroyed, and income plummeted.

Things came crashing down around me.

Life fell apart for me.

Income was down, debt and expenses were up, and stress was at an all-time high for me.

Spring, summer, and fall of last year was a disaster in my personal life, as the impact of making less but having high levels of debt and obligations caught up with the drop in revenue.

It was horrible – horrible inside, horrible for my family.

It was a terrible time, a time of feeling helpless and hopeless, praying that God would make it better, despondent that what I had worked so hard to build was falling apart, on many levels.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt like that before, like nothing you do is working, like you are a real failure at everything you do, like you are a failure to your family and in your business.

That’s how I felt. I felt like a failure, both to my family, and in my business.

And I knew that I couldn’t keep going like that, continuing to do things the way I had been doing them.

You see, the methods that worked in 2006-2011 on which I had built my business, were no longer working. I had built my business on a foundation of a single source of traffic, with a single teaching focus that was dependent on other people and other companies for it’s viability.

And the longer I held onto the old methods, the old ways, the more my business slid backwards.

Something had to change.

I wanted a business that would have a lasting impact, a business that wasn’t dependent on a business model that in many ways was controlled by a handful of companies online.

I wanted true financial freedom. Financial freedom that is based on a solid business model, one that can grow and morph with the changes online, not crash and burn when google changes their algorithm.

I wanted to be able to be blessed radically so that I can bless others radically.

I want to be able to bless others financially, in addition to the impact of my time and mentorship.

I want to bless and empower others to live at higher levels.

So I really began to dig in and ask, what’s it going to take to get there?

I began a process of searching my heart, seeking the face of God in my life at a deeper level than ever since I was a teenager on fire for God. And He began a searchlight process in my life, showing me what was out of order and what needed to change.

And as He was working on me spiritually, He began to show me that I needed to dig deeper in the business, that to break through the $15,000 ceiling I would have to take things to a higher level.

I began to realize (among other things) that there needed to be a new focus in my business.

A focus that was based on real worldwide change and empowerment, not based on the vagaries of one or two companies online.

Instead of focusing on a traffic method, choosing to focus on my area of impact in the world.

You see, when your business model is based on a traffic source, if that traffic source goes away, then your business . . . goes away.

But when your business model is based on helping others in a core life area, unless human nature changes and that life area goes away, then no matter what happens to one traffic source, one advertising medium, one communication medium, then the core need that your business meets, and the core solution you offer, continues to be viable.

You simply shift traffic sources or communication methods, and your business continues as usual.

I knew that I had to take things to that next level, to change the focus of my business from a traffic source that was dependent on others to a skill-based teaching that can be used by millions of people around the world.

And the funny thing is, what I had to do was exactly what I had been successfully coaching my clients to do for years – to find your core area of expertise and focus on that, instead of focusing on faddish traffic sources and bright shiny objects.

I had to re-invent my business exactly the same way I had taught and empowered clients to do for years!

So I got to work, re-evaluating and testing traffic sources.

Re-evaluating email writing methods (my powerful integrated conversion training came out of this re-evaluation)

And re-evaluating my long-term business model.

Then I began to start making changes based on these new decisions.

One of the first changes I made – secretly, behind the scenes, is completely remaking my product funnel in my autoresponder.

I tested numerous combinations of product releases to new subscribers.

I tested numerous traffic sources, tracking things down to the exact initial product or squeeze page someone comes in on.

I found that for some traffic sources, my revenue is as low as . . . $1 per subscriber.

And for some traffic sources, my revenue is . . . as high as $30 per subscriber – in the first 30 days on my list!!

I tested new ways of writing emails and email campaigns.

I tested new ways of creating and delivering training, products, and coaching.

And the good news is, all of this hard work, the new focus, and the results of test after test after test is paying off!

In the last 4 months, the Lord has blessed my business with over $100k in new revenue!

The work was hard, the testing was murderous, the process of getting things in “order” was grievous – but the result in my business – and in my family – has been incredible.

We’re helping others and giving to the church at an unprecedented level.

We are on a path to generating close to – and possibly far exceeding $400,000 in 2013!

It’s an exciting time for me, and I want to share with you some of the things I’ve done that have put us on the path to making this a reality.

Here’s a peak at some of the changes I’ve made:

The first thing, of course, has been putting a stronger priority on my day-to-day communication and relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ, spending time with Him, seeking His face and His guidance in my business on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve completely changed the focus on my teaching and business to focus on core change factors in my clients lives as opposed to just focusing on driving more traffic.

As you can imagine, I’m cutting out the $1 per subscriber traffic sources (but many internet marketers are still TEACHING folks to use those traffic sources, I’m going to reveal this completely and why)

And there are many traffic sources in between, making $1.00 to $15.00 per subscriber.

(And frankly, if you are running some of these traffic sources – no wonder you aren’t making money from your subscribers.)

In fact, I have one traffic source that cost me about $1.50 per subscriber and right now I am at about 40 cents per subscribe in revenue.

That’s right – in one campaign, I have LOST about $1.10 per subscriber.

And it’s a wildly popular traffic source that many internet marketers are using these days – and beginners are getting raked over the coals (again, this might be a traffic source YOU are using)

My traffic sources are almost completely different than they were one year ago.

I’ve nearly completely reworked my backend email marketing and the way the campaigns are put together (now I use 3-10 email campaign modules that I can turn on or off at will)

I’ve created new training programs that are the most powerful training programs of all of my career.

I’ve revamped my entire coaching program and the way I deliver coaching training.

I’m implementing a stepped-up level of outsourcing in my business that has made an incredible difference in my ability to be free from daily, mundane tasks, and instead focus on the really important things (like empowering YOU to take YOUR business to the next level and fast)

Even my niche focus has almost completely changed!

And as I’ve mentioned – the business has generated over $100k in the last 4 months

And that is during the primary testing phase!

Now that the results of the testing are in, I’m completely revamping my marketing system, eliminating everything that is not of the highest order of productivity, and doubling, tripling, quadrupling efforts and sources that are profitable (the 80/20 productivity rule in action)

In fact, last week I created a brand new entry squeeze system based on my latest results, and I’ve plugged it into visual website optimizer so that I can track every conversion.

I’ve created an advanced spreadsheet for traffic source tracking.

And I’ve created a brand new 3-point traffic plan that is going to use my most highly profitable traffic sources.

I’ve been split-testing my entry funnel (which has about 6 different products in it) like crazy, and have some amazing results from the newly designed funnel.

I’ve figured out a new way to get top google rankings in hours using a little – used web source online – that’s FREE to use!

So I’m doubling down on the posts on that source.

I’m doing article marketing a brand new way, cause the old way isn’t working so hot anymore.

But with the new system for article marketing that I’ve designed, I’m getting great results.

I’ve fine-tuned my email funnel, and getting greater results than ever before, with some tracking pulling at $30-$40 per subscriber in 30-45 days on my list!!!

I’m focusing on a non – im niche (as you know, I’ve been selling off the rights to my im-niche products, so I can focus on this niche).

And I’m zeroing in on profit markers, instead of just focusing on revenue.

And the incredible thing is, not only have I generated well over $100k in the last 4 months, I’m on my way to another $30k +++ month in April (and some forecasts indicate it could be a $40k- $50k month)

It’s an exciting time!

And I’d like to share it with you!

Would you like to see everything I am doing?

Would you like to see the results of my tests, see what is working TODAY in a $30k a month online business?

Would you like to see behind-the-scenes what is working in TODAY’S infobusiness environment?

You see, what used to work isn’t working anymore.

And I found that out the hard way.

Nearly losing my business, my family, everything.

Because I had relied on doing things the way they worked in 2006-2011.

The old ways just don’t work anymore.

And if you are still doing things the “old way’ my guess is, you are losing ground too.

And if you are getting started and learning things from people who had success in 2006-2011 and they are teaching you what THEY did to get rich, you are probably having a rude awakening. Because you aren’t having the success the gurus are promising you, are you?

Probably not, and here’s why: what people are generally teaching right now NO LONGER WORKS.

In fact, much of what I taught a year ago – that worked until that time – NO LONGER WORKS NOW.

Times change.

The internet changes.

And you have to stay on the cutting edge of it, or crash and burn like I did.

So would you like to see exactly what I am doing NOW to re-build my business from the ground up?

If so, you are going to love what I am getting ready to do.

You see, I’m planning to re-launch practically everything I do based on the results gained from the last 4 months of testing, 4 months that have yielded my highest level of income since the recession hit a couple years ago. 4 long months of things that worked ($100k in revenue generated) and things that didn’t work (a lot of money wasted on old traffic sources and methods)

And my plan is to re-launch my entire business in the next 10 days.

RE-doing the way I do traffic.

Re-doing my traffic sources.

Re-organizing my 30 day entry sequence in my email campaign.

Launching a brand new traffic source that a few moguls in the business have cracked the code on.

And using a highly-advanced iteration on one of the traffic sources I have aggressively tested in the last 4 months (over 4 different methods of traffic for this source tested, only one comes back as the most powerful)

Rolling out my brand new method of seo that gets me top rankings in google usually within hours of making a post on a very particular site and getting 2 very particular inbound links to that source. This is something I’ve done repeatedly with the same results in the last 4 months, now I am planning to roll this out to possibly 1000’s of keywords in a short period of time.

And I was planning to quietly roll this out.

Behind the scenes.

Not letting anyone know what I’m doing.

Cause frankly, I don’t want competition in the niche I am going to be focusing on.

I don’t want folks coming in and stealing my keywords.

I don’t want people copycatting me.

But yesterday, I really began to dig deep on this, asking myself, how could seeing this information help YOU go to the next level?

And since NO ONE is teaching this, because so much of what I am doing I have personally developed through massive testing in the last 4 months, I realize that if I hold this to myself, it is going to hold YOU back from success.

You see, I believe that what I am getting ready to roll out is going to revolutionize the way money is made in the information niches, once it gets out.

And frankly, I wanted to keep it to myself.

Because I wanted to rake in the most money the fastest.

But as usually happens when I get too selfish –

I just don’t think it’s the right thing.

You see, you’ve been following me for some time now.

You’ve learned from me. Repeatedly.

And you’re getting results.

But what I am getting ready to do – if applied to your business – could double, triple, quadruple – or more – your results – well above anything you’ve seen before.

And I want to see you succeed.

I want to see you take your family to a new level.

Get out of debt.

Pay off your house.

Be able to start blessing families in your church.

Be able to do some of the things the Lord has made possible in my life.

So I have decided to do something crazy:

Over the next 2 weeks, as I roll out my entire brand new system based on my latest cutting edge testing and improvements system,

I’ve decided to let you watch me every step of the way.

On video in a special live recorded class that you will get daily access to the videos.

That’s right – I’m planning to reveal my entire new strategy.

Every traffic source.

Every testing procedure and results.

The exact traffic sources AND CONVERSION METHODS that are making me the most money.

Right down to the individual campaign.

I’m even going to show you my spreadsheet I use (this can be used in excel, I’m on a mac so I do it in numbers) and the exact testing formula I use.

I’m going to show you the new way I do traffic, and no one is doing what I am doing.

I’m going to reveal the psychology behind my brand new articles resource box and why.

I’m going to open my infusionsoft account and show you inside, and show you the exact funnel I am using and why.

I’m going to show you the exact emails I’m using in my brand new funnel.

Also, I’m doing a 4-way squeeze page split test – testing a free optin split with a paid optin split with 2 different ways of getting the download page.

I’m going to show that to you, inside of my visual website optimizer account.

Then I’m going to clone that campaign to use for 2 new traffic sources – and I’m going to video tape the exact cloning process, and SHOW you how I set up the testing.

So before I tell you anymore about what I’m going to show – what do you think? Would this make a difference in your business if you could see behind the scenes exactly all the things I’m doing in my business?

How would it feel to be able to see what is working RIGHT NOW to make money in information marketing, and better yet, to see what folks are doing now that is NO LONGER WORKING?
How would it feel to get cutting edge access to the results of the testing I’ve been doing the last 4 months – and nearly a year before that, so YOU can implement it in YOUR business without doing the testing yourself?

How would you like to know what I am going to do in this business BEFORE I do it?

If that would feel good, keep reading – you are going to be amazed at everything I am going to reveal.

By the way, you might be thinking, have you showed me some of this in some of your coaching lessons, or in some of your recent trainings?

And the answer is no, hardly anything I am doing right now I have revealed to anyone. These are brand new methods and procedures which frankly I haven’t shared because these things have been in testing mode. And the results are now in, so I’ve decided to release these new methods –

And by the way – I’m not planning to start teaching and teaching these things, like I’ve done with other things.

You see, I’m planning to simply market in my new niche, instead of continuing to teach internet marketing concepts. So this may be the last time I reveal a look into my business behind the scenes. Because like I said, I don’t want anyone copying in my niche what I am doing. So once I roll this out, and continue to get more and more testing results in on the exact keywords that are profitable, I just don’t want anyone to see those things. I’m sure you can understand. I just don’t want anyone copying my exact keywords etc.

So I’ve decided to roll this out in it’s entirety, showing you how I set up the testing campaigns.

And the only thing I ask is that you won’t teach anyone this information.

You can use it for your own business.

You can use it for your clients’ business.

But you can’t teach it.

You can’t create a coaching program or an mp3 training program showing people how to do what I’m doing now.

And if that’s what you are looking for – is to learn this information so you can rip it off and sell it to other marketers – just don’t enroll in this training.

So what else am I going to be showing you?

I’m going to reveal to you my top 3 traffic sources AND I’m going to reveal what ISN’T working anymore and why it’s a waste to even try to make it work.

I’m going to reveal my brand new module-based email sequencing that makes it easy to test and maximize buying in your email campaign.

I’m going to show you my entire business model – complete with a flow chart and blueprint you can copy and follow in your own niche

I’m going to teach you my own secret method of getting 5 of the top 10 spots in google for a long tailed keyword in your niche. You can do this technique over and over and over again, so you could potentially wrap up 5 of the top 10 spots in google for as many as 1000 keywords in your niche. And this method is in complete alignment with google’s processes and policies, so there is no way they can ban it. If they were to ban it, it would almost completeliy destroy their ability to deliver results the way they do now.

I’ve used this method repeatedly – and it works time and time again. And I’m going to SHOW it to you on video, so you can SEE how it works.

I’m also going to reveal my top 3 article marketing traffic sources – where I get article marketing traffic these days. Article marketing is not dead, but the old way of doing it just doesn’t work anymore. And if you are still doing it the old way – of course you aren’t getting the results you want.

I’m also going to design a brand new upsell funnel – right into my autoresponder – and I’m going to roll a video while I am doing it – so you can SEE how I design a new upsell funnell (this is the high priced funnel I use to sell on the backend after someone buys an initial product of $100 – $1000, then they go into this funnel to invest $500 – $10,000), I’ll show you how I design it completely from the beginning.

I’m also creating a brand new flowchart that shows my entire system from A-Z and NO ONE has see this before, and I may never release this again after this class.

You’re going to see my actual testing spreadsheets, see inside my autoresponder account in the email funneling area I use, you’ll see the exact method I’m using for targeted facebook traffic, you’ll see the exact method I’m using to get top 10 rankings in google in minutes after posting, and much, much more.

So how am I going to deliver this?

First, as you might know, about 4 months ago I released a powerful video training on how to create a killer offer, it’s my most powerful training ever. But folks have been griping that they wish it was audio, not video. Because they don’t like to sit down and watch an hour-long video.

And frankly, I had simply decided to not do any more video. Hey, if folks don’t want video, I won’t do it.

But then I decided to share these methods with you.

And so much of what I am going to share with you – I have to SHOW you.

Telling you just won’t cut it.

You need to see it.

So I’ve decided to use video – but instead of recording a bunch of 1- hour long videos that are time-consuming to watch, I’m going to record one technique per video, in a highly concise and efficient manner for each one, so you can just zero in on whatever you want to learn, and watch a short video showing you that method.

So let me say this as gently as I can: If you don’t want to watch a series of 10-15 short videos SHOWING you EXACTLY what I am going right now to generate about $30k in my niche each month, and see the future of internet marketing as I create it – then this isn’t for you.

I am going to go out of my way to keep these short and concise – but if it’s not worth it to you to sit down and watch a 10 – 30 minute video each day for 10-15 days – then this isn’t for you.

I’m going to create a unique video for each technique I use.

I’m going to create a video with a complete overview of the process.

I’m going to create a video with a flow chart of everything in the funnel sequence.

I’m going to create a video showing you inside my autoresponder account right where the emails are so you can see the exact order of all the emails AND the email sequences (I use a specially – designed method of doing short 3-10 – email campaigns that I can mix and match in different orders in my email campaigns and I’m going to show you that live)

I’m going to create a video showing you and explaining my brand new ezinearticles resource box and why it works psychologically for long term sales.

I’m going to create a video showing you my 3 major traffic sources – and the EXACT tweaks I use on the way you are probably using these sources.

I’m going to create a video that shows you the exact traffic source I wasted $1793 on last month – and why I’m done with that traffic source.

By the way, by now you might be noticing that instead of recording this as 1-hour videos that show 3-4 things each, like I said, I am going to record EACH technique I use on a DIFFERENT video so that you can just watch the video YOU need for the exact technique you are working on. And I’m going to label all the videos precisely, then put them all on one download page, updating that download page as I create videos, so you don’t have to get a bunch of emails with a different hour long video on each one.

In short, I’m going to make this the EASIEST video training you’ve EVER seen!

Ok, so what else am I going to show you?

I’m going to create a video of me creating my squeeze page system.

I’m going to create a video showing you how I use visual website optimizer for testing.

I’m going to create a video showing you how I do keyword research for what people are actually searching for, not just some excel spreadsheet of all the possible permutations of keywords in your niche. In short, useful keyword research instead of just a bucket of words.

I’m going to create a video showing you EXACTLY how I track traffic sources for profitability in a spreadsheet (I’ll show you on my mac, but you can use excel for this as well)

I’m going to create a video showing you the exact theme I use in wordpress and the single component of that wordpress theme and why it is critical in today’s marketplace – and even show you how most of the themes are doing it wrong.

I’m going to create a video showing you inside my facebook account and how I get conversions to my facebook posts – and how I will use sponsored search in facebook to get targeted traffic to my article websites.

That’s 12 videos right there.

And there will likely be a few more, as I think of things that are not included on that list.

In fact, if you have something YOU want me to show you how to do in this video training, just send me an email and if it’s something I recommend as part of this funnel strategy, I’ll show you how to do it in a video.

The bottom line with this is that when you get done watching these videos you will know EXACTLY how I do things in my own business, based on the most extensive testing I’ve ever done in my 7+ years online and 20+ years in business all together (I have pulled in offline testing techniques into this online business test). And this testing was part of a special $100k push in my business, making the first $100k in 4 months that I’ve ever done.

Are you excited yet?

Are you excited about seeing cutting edge new methods that hardly anyone in the industry is using?

In fact, I believe this video class will be swiped up by some of the big-name marketers so that THEY can get ahead of the curve without doing this testing themselves, and giving them new ideas for their next tests)

Are you excited about watching me re-build my business from the ground up?

Are you ready to see behind-the-scenes?

If so, I’m planning to record the 1st video in this class tomorrow, and if you are enrolled in this class, then I will send it directly out to you as soon as it’s recorded. And then each time I record a new video over the next 2 weeks, I’ll rush each video out to you.

So what’s the investment for this incredible video class?

Here’s the thing, I’ve invested about $15,000 to run these tests over the last 4 months. So if you were to re-run these tests and get the same results as I’ve gotten, it would cost you $15,000 and 4 months of your life.

But with these videos, you are going to get the test results for much less than $15,000. And instead of waiting 4 months for the results, like I had to do, you are going to get all the results in the next 2 weeks.

The thing is, if you are in the information marketing business and you are making less than $30k a month, you are probably not doing things the way they work best these days. Things have changed a lot even in the last 6 months online, and if you don’t know these changes (and most internet marketers, even the big gurus who are teaching the big seminars don’t know these things because they come along under the radar and very quickly), you just aren’t going to make it as fast.

Now, I’m not sure what it would be worth to you to learn the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to generate $30k a month like I’ve done recently (and I’m on track for more than that for the month of April).

But my guess is that if you could forego $15,000 in tests and learn the secrets behind a $30k/ month business, it would be well worth $2,000 or more to get all of this information and results in one place.

And it would be easily worth over $5,000 to get the keys to a $30k/month – that’s $360,000 a year business – exactly what’s working today.

In fact, $2,000 would be a drop in the bucket – a steal in fact – to get this level of insider access.

And in fact, I’ve thought about putting a price tag of $2,000 on this and limiting it to 10 people, and it would be worth every penny to each person who invested.

But I keep thinking, that is just going to keep a lot of folks from being able to achieve the results they want this year.

And I want YOU to be able to see this information behind the scenes so that you can start implementing it in your business fast.

Is that what you want, to be able to see exactly behind the scenes of a $30k a month business, and get the results of over $15,000 and 4 months of incredibly detailed testing and get the most advanced, cutting edge details on what is REQUIRED for information marketers in 2013?

If so, I’ve decided that instead of $2,000 for this video training, I want to make this a real no -brainer, so instead of $2,000,

instead of $1,000

instead of $750

you’ll get the entire 2 week class of videos – approximately 1 detailed video each day for 14 days –

you’ll get it all for just one payment of $600

or you can make 3 easy bi-weekly payments of $179 each (you will literally have every video before your 2nd payment comes due, the payments will be in paypal so you can cancel the 2nd and 3rd payments if this training doesn’t just blow you way, so you have nothing to lose:

Or, for the first 10 clients who enroll, I’m dropping $125 off the paid-in-full price, so you only pay $475 today:

Now, maybe you are thinking, is this going to be really complex, something I can’t really do in my business?

And the answer is: NO! These are some of the easiest methods to building your internet business. And the videos are designed to make this super-easy and super clear, so that you can immediately start copying what I do.

Another question you might be asking is this: is this in the internet marketing niche?

And it’s NOT! In fact, the 2 niches I’ll be promoting are powerful niches that more closely resemble most “real folks” niches out there. This ISN’T “make money on people who are trying to get started” niches. In fact, if you’ve been following me for long, you probably know that I no longer focus on teaching beginners’ basics like squeeze pages, list building, traffic generation (I only still have a traffic training because SO MANY people want to know how I’m driving traffic these days and it doesn’t even include what I am going to reveal in this video series!)

Here’s the thing, I can’t guarantee you’ll make a certain number online. You gotta sell something people want. But if you have a product or a niche you are selling in, and you are tired of spinning your wheels, using old-dated systems that no longer work for traffic and selling, these videos are going to make a world of difference.

You see, if you are still doing things the way people did it in 2006-2011, you are probably no longer growing in your business.

These videos are going to change all that.

Like I said, I’ve thought about selling this training program for $2,000, and it would be worth every penny of $2,000, but

I’ve decided that instead of $2,000 for this video training,

instead of $1,000

instead of $750

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