Why Affiliate Marketers Need a Mailing List

There are a lot of people trying to run successful affiliate marketing businesses without building a list. They think it’s old-fashioned or erroneously believe it doesn’t work.

But the fact is, email marketing is still the most effective form of marketing that exists. If you’re not convinced yet, let’s look at a few of the reasons you need an email list as an affiliate marketer.

  • You Own Your List

Websites can go down, or even be banned. Social media networks change. Consider the social network Blab which enabled users to create live on air visual radio type shows. People built huge audiences and viable careers using Blab as their platform. Then the makers of Blab decided to change everything. People who had lists could switch easily to a new platform, but those who didn’t were lost. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • Give Yourself a Raise Whenever You Want

Believe it or not, once you build a list you can choose to promote something anytime you want to get a raise. You don’t want to take too much advantage of this every single day, but on a weekly or monthly basis it will be very profitable.

  • Weather Difficult Times

With a good list you can get help when you need it. For example, if something bad happened to you or your family, you could use your list to ask for help. Or you could simply ask them to buy something you are promoting by adding some sort of value to influence sales. If you engage with your list members often, they’ll love you.

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

By adding your audience to a list, you can increase the CLV of each customer. As an affiliate marketer you may not have your own products, so your funnels look different from a product creator. But, you can still promote in the same way by segmenting your audience.

  • No Duplicate Content Concerns

It’s easier to use PLR or older content in your email marketing messages because search engines aren’t checking them for duplicate content. This enables you to repurpose all your content into email marketing messages without restraint.

  • Your Offers Can Be More Aggressive

When you develop email marketing messages, it’s helpful to become increasingly more aggressive with your messaging as you have fewer and fewer list members who aren’t buyers. Do this carefully with segmentation for the best success.

  • Easy to Segment

Your list members are much easier to segment than your website or blog visitors, or even your social media networks. You can segment by so many different variations depending on your choice of autoresponder software.

Building your email list with enthusiastic supporters who trust you and want to buy what you’re offering is the most sustainable way to build a strong affiliate business. Continuous list building is imperative for successful affiliate marketers, and you should be no exception.

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