TIBA Business Funnel Mastery 301

$1,995.00 $497.00

Introducing the brand new A-Z Reverse Funnel Training Program… TIBA Business Funnel Mastery 301!

Mentors: Sean Mize, Jimmy Wilson

Tuition Fee: $1,995 (full payment)
Scholar Rate: $497 (full payment) or FREE for full scholars

Free Access for TIBA Platinum Coaching Students


Brand New A-Z Reverse Funnel Training Program… TIBA Business Funnel Mastery 301!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this brand new training program:

Module 1: How to Create Your Reverse Funnel Training Series from A-Z

–> The exact price points and what to include in your reverse funnel

–> How to Create the Products in Your Reverse Funnel Training Program

–> The Easy Way to Brainstorm Your Entire Reverse Funnel, Starting From Scratch

–> How to Create Your Entire Reverse Funnel Within 30 Days and Have a Complete Expert-Level Reverse Funnel Business Up and Running and Making Money in 30 Days or Less

Module 2: The Importance of Your Expert-Level Positioning for Reverse Sales Funnel Maximum Selling

–> Why it is critical that you are positioned as an expert in your niche

–> How to position yourself as a go-to expert in your niche in 30 days or less (this is amazing)

–> Step by step how to get the training you need NOW to start creating cutting edge – original thought content for your site immediately!

Module 3: How to Create Your High-Ticket Coaching Program

–> The exact elements to put into a $10,000 training package that people will drool over

–> Where to feature your high ticket coaching program so that people value you at $10,000 or more

–> What to give someone for $10,000

Bonus Modules 1 and 2

Bonus Module 1: How to Brainstorm Your Niche Such That You Can Create an Edge That No One Else Can Compete Against

–> How to Develop the Purpose in Your Reverse Funnel So That No One Can Compete With You

–> How to Develop the Passion Necessary to Build a True Information Marketing Business That Frees You From Your Day-Job

Bonus Module 2: 3 Hours of Video Showing You ME As I Build an Expert-Level Website From Scratch in 3 Hours Flat . . . Including a Sales Letter for a $400 a Month Coaching Program. . . .Live on Screen

–> I show you how I structure the site

–> I show you how I brainstorm the coaching program to sell

–> I show you how I write the sales letter in about an hour, 100% from scratch

–> I show you which software I use to make my site easy to use and mobile-friendly (if your website can’t be viewed easily on a mobile phone you might be losing up to 40% of your visits)

All told, there’s over 12 hours of red-hot training, and it’s all designed to be super-easy to implement.

In fact, parts of this training is going to be part of my brand new coaching program core material, and I’m planning to put this training up for sale at $2,000, and it’s worth every penny.

Here’s the thing, if I were to teach this to you 1-1, you’de be looking at over $4,000 to learn it all from me, and the training itself could be sold for $2,000 or more.

However, I want to make this a no-brainer, so I’ve decided to price this incredible A-Z program on creating your own complete Reverse Funnel Coaching Business not at $2,000

not at $1,000

but at just $600

That’s right, just $600 for over $2,000 of red-hot training that will take you from where you are now to a complete Reverse Funnel Business in the next 30 Days . . .

Go ahead, get started today and build a solid Maven – Style business this month:

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