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Are you struggling to build a profitable information business online?

If so, this letter is for you.

If not, this letter is NOT for you.

By the way…this letter is LONG.

It will take you at least 15 minutes to read it.

Do NOT skim it.

I personally guarantee that if you read every word in this letter carefully, you will learn more about internet marketing than you have learned in the last 3 months…from ANY source, paid or free.

Are you ready? Got a fresh cup of coffee?

No? Stop right now and refill your cup.

Go potty.

Turn off the phone.

Now…let’s chat for 15 minutes:

First of all, let me say this:

I meant it when I said you will learn more in the next 15 minutes than you have learned in the last 3 months about internet marketing.

So read at your own risk.

Let’s talk about you for a minute, then I am going to share with you how and why I went from $0 to $15,347 my first year online, and I am going to expose some of the most insidious lies online about internet marketing.

Possibly – in fact, probably – lies YOU have fallen for,

But before I get to the lies, – let’s talk about you:

Perhaps you are trying to build an information business from scratch, and you are struggling with getting success, and you feel like you are banging your head against the wall trying to figure it all out.

Or perhaps you have the expertise to teach others, to write ebooks, to record mp3s, to even create a small coaching program….and yet you still can’t figure out how to ACTUALLY DO IT.

Or maybe you are struggling with creating a product funnel so that when someone buys your first product, then can go on to buy multiple products from you, because you know that’s where the real profit lies.

Or possibly you are struggling because you have some of that in place…but you just can’t drive the traffic you need, no matter how hard you try.

Or perhaps you can drive traffic and build a list…but you are clueless when it comes to what to write in your daily emails to your subscribers.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

It sure did for me when I first got started online.

And here’s the thing…and the purpose for my letter to you.

I have finally created, after 4 years of struggle and learning and teaching, a 100% complete, 100% simple – anyone can do it, step by step, numbered no-fail instruction program to 100% guarantee your success in information marketing – and you can start making money your very first month.

Look, I know that’s a bold statement.

And I know it almost sounds “too good to be true”

But I finally believe I can make that statement and stand behind it 100%.

Let me explain.

For the past 4 years, as I have been building my business, I have struggled with the same problem…creating a set of simple-simple, easy to follow, no-fail step by step directions for building a profitable online business.

And I really wanted this training to be available to anyone on earth who wanted to build a real online business, without having to come up with the $2000, $5000, or $12,000 training fees many internet gurus are charging for their 3-day seminars.

In short, I wanted to be able to finally say…I have done it.

I have conquered the decade-old problem….that it is NOT easy to start an online information marketing business, and that only a few succeed online.

Because I don’t think that’s fair.

Do you?

Do you think it’s fair that only a privileged few, who are either brilliantly smart to figure it out, or have big pockets to pay exorbitant fees to over-priced consultants to learn how they do it, or are so stupid they just “stumble” on the solution (ever read one of those “I was an 8th-grade dropout, fired from my ditch-digging job, sleeping in a broken down 30-year-old van, panhandling to feed my wife and 8 hungry children” headlines and wonder why if THEY can figure it out…why can’t you… College-educated, successful in business, raised 3 kids, have a retirement account (not enough, but have one anyhow)… why is it so hard for YOU???

You see, when I first started, I studied some of the same materials that perhaps you have.

And I admit, I achieved success online a lot faster than most people, although slower than some (although I tend to be highly suspicious of people who claim to make $100k or more “my first month online” or other crazy claims and the reason for that is that I personally know how difficult it is to build a profitable online business)

I remember my first 8 months after I began to build my first online business (which failed financially, by the way). It was tough. I did some research online, bought some products, and came to the same conclusion that perhaps you have – that I needed to create a product to sell and I needed to sell affiliate products.

Now, I am an action-taker by nature.

So I did what I thought was the right thing (maybe you’ve done this too).

I wrote an ebook – took me about 30 days, working daily on it.

I bought a famous sales letter template program.

I hired someone to create the website because I didn’t know how (I’m still not very good at it, I just use Dreamweaver to create simple pages that I upload to my web host)

And because I didn’t have much of a budget back then (wasn’t dead broke, living under a bridge, in my broken down van, with 8 hungry kids, like some people want you to believe is how they started their business and went to riches in just a few months) sorry if I am acting jaded…but frankly I am quite angry at all the lies that are told to get people like you and me to invest in something that “will make you rich in 30 days or some other line like that)

So back to my budget. I had plenty to eat, a roof over my head, blah blah blah. But I didn’t want to invest a lot in traffic, and I had time…so I decided to try writing articles to get traffic to my new site.

So I wrote a few articles, had someone create a website for me, remember I didn’t not how to do that then 🙂 ), made a link to the ebook pdf….and sent my article readers to the sales page on the website.

And wonder of wonders…I made a sale. $15.95.

That was an exciting moment. Wow! Someone just paid me $15.95!

I was absolutely elated.

And the next day, someone else bought.

And the next day again…and it went on like this for about 2 weeks, about a sale a day or so.

Some days more.

Then reality hit.

I was only making a sale or two a day.

Doing everything I knew how to do (which, granted, wasn’t much). But I didn’t know what else to do.

I mean, I was writing articles. I had written a book. People liked it.

And it was even selling!

But I couldn’t live on $15.95 a day!

When that realization hit me…I was devastated.

I had put several months of my life into this, working fulltime on it.

And frankly… it wasn’t going as I envisioned.

I thought hundreds of people would buy my book if I just advertised it.

But it wasn’t working like that.

Ever feel like that?

Like your internet plan isn’t working?

Like you have been working really hard, for so long, doing everything the “gurus” tell you to do…but no matter how hard you try, there is “just one more thing to learn”

Or there is “one new technique you just have to have”?

And then suddenly you realize that it is all like some hamster wheel.

And as long as you keep buying “one more thing to learn” from the gurus…YOU aren’t getting the success you want…but THEY are making a fulltime income selling….their “secrets” to you?

Ever feel like that?

Ok, that’s about how I felt.

I mean, I was crushed.

That wasn’t what I had planned, had dreamed of, had visualized for months on end.

But….I am a hardy individual. Just like you are.

So I decided to regroup.

I would try affiliate marketing.

Surely if millions of people online were making a fulltime income with affiliate marketing..I could too, right? (That’s sure how you feel when you read all the sales pages about affiliate marketing, right?)

So…I took the plunge.

And because I didn’t want to promote anything I hadn’t personally used, I decided to promote products for the people whose products I had purchased to learn how to do internet marketing in the first place (I really thought they were good products -I still do – even though I couldn’t make a living with them…they HAD gotten me to about a sale a day, right?)

So that’s what I did. I promoted for the people whose products I had bought initially.

But I did one thing differently this time around.

Instead of using article marketing traffic exclusively, I decided to buy traffic. You know, guaranteed traffic, real visitors, surf traffic, PPC traffic, just about every sort of “proven” traffic sources I could find.

And wonder of wonders…I was able to break even!

For every $100 I invested in traffic…I generated about $100 in affiliate sales.

That was exciting for me (ok, maybe I’m easily excitable 🙂 )

But the reason I was excited was that it proved to me that people were actually buying this stuff online. And in my analytical, mathematical mind, I figured if I could just test and tweak things enough, I could improve the profit margins to where I would invest $100 in traffic…and do $200 in affiliate sales.

Then I would be in profit, right?

I could invest $10k per month, do $20k in sales…and clear $10k in profit.

Easy, right?

But then it hit me…(does something ever hit you…like, why didn’t I see this already?)

Then it hit me…

What was I going to tweak?

The affiliate pages…are controlled by the affiliates. They are already “optimized”

The traffic….it is what it is. I don’t have any control over it!

(By the way, quick diversion….I broke even on the affiliate sales, right? Who made money? Two companies made money…the guy who sold me the traffic 🙂 and the guy who OWNS the affiliate product. In fact, the affiliate guy made a 100% profit…he didn’t invest a single penny in the transaction, because he paid me AFTER I made him the sale…)

But back to my realization —

Sure, I could buy DIFFERENT traffic – and keep trying DIFFERENT traffic until I found one that converted.

But something about that just didn’t feel right to me. I had already tried many sources of traffic (although amateur, beginner traffic sources) and found that dollar for dollar they all converted about the same.

And then something else hit me…the internet traffic market operates at economic equilibrium. Duh! Why didn’t I see this BEFORE I put several more months into this ????

And when I realized that the internet traffic market operates at economic equilibrium (the idea that supply = demand and profits = 0 in the long run in a free market (instantaneously clearing, no restrictions market). That means that as the quality of a traffic source improves…that means, becomes more profitable…the price goes up! (For those of you with economic degrees or backgrounds, there’s a little more to it than this, I know, but this is the core principle, as you know…) But the bottom line is….internet traffic, if priced correctly…with result in $0 profits in the long run.

This was a real revelation to me.

(By the way, a rabbit hole here….you might be thinking…well, what about the guys who made millions buying google PPC traffic and selling stuff or just reselling the traffic a few years ago…let me ask you this…where are they all now? They will tell you that after google slap after google slap, they are no longer profitable…now they use different traffic sources. Or they open new accounts, do things a little differently and hope they make money. In the short run, they made profits. But in the LONG run (economic theory in action here) their profits are $0.

Ok – bear with me – the reason is that in a market like Google PPC – it operates like a perfectly competitive market (in actuality it’s not – but it ACTS like one until google shuts you down) – the more people who compete for a certain traffic term drive the price up until that term is no longer profitable. And so right now with PPC you are seeing a lot of the smaller guys (including million dollar players) get out and search for other traffic sources…you’ve seen all the hoopla about advertising on Facebook, or media buying, etc., right?

The reason is that they are no longer able to be profitable on they go elsewhere (they aren’t leaving because they are “philosophically opposed to google’s rules” like they might tell you…trust me, they are leaving because they are no longer able to profit).

Now – two things – #1 – at some point the same thing will happen with Facebook advertising, and anywhere else they go. They will all bid up the price of profitable terms, profit will disappear, and they will go try to find another source of traffic.

Which is fine…and as long as you want to go find a new source of traffic, test it, tweak it, make it profitable, ride the wave, then do it all over again every 1-3 years – that model works.

But I wanted a LONG-TERM business, one I didn’t have to reinvent every 1-3 years.

I mean, that’s what YOU ‘RE looking for right…a LONG TERM business, not something that has to be re-designed every 1-3 years, right???

And #2 – you might be asking…how is google making their money now?

Here’s how….you’ve seen how the big companies are shifting their advertising dollars online, away from print, right?

So where do they go?

They have heard Google is really good at advertising…and it’s really easy to set up an account…and when you are a pimply-faced 22-year-old kid straight out of a 4-year marketing degree… it makes it really easy to find a way to spend the $4 million dollars your company asked you to put into online marketing…in google. Really simple. They even give you stats to show you you are getting clicks.

Of course, if you are doing “branding” advertising like most of the new dollars are being spent on (in my personal opinion, for whatever that is worth)….you have NO IDEA if those dollars are generating more sales at the counter. In fact, my guess is that many businesses go bankrupt EVERY YEAR doing BRANDING advertising.

Ok, that was a deep rabbit hole.

Was it worthwhile to go down it with me?

I hope so.

It was fun for me, anyhow (by the way, what I have just written I have only shared with a few people…and some of it to no one) (my wife has heard some of that rant before, some of my Platinum clients have…but that’s about it)

Ok, so back to me and my first 8 months in internet marketing.

I had sold a $15.95 ebook…about a sale a day, not enough to pay the bills 🙂

I had broken even on sending traffic to affiliate offers.

And I had realized that that model wouldn’t work in the long run. (And remember..the long run is what I’m all about)

Ok, another rabbit hole:

Every once in a while I see a “million-dollar product launch” and I get jealous. I mean really envious.

I mean, have you seen some of these guys who do these launches? I mean really. Long beards, surfer dudes, party animals, some can’t speak without a stack of cue cards or a word for word script written by some high-paid copywriter (not everyone, of course…but you know what I mean)

If they can do it, I can do it.

So then one day I did an analysis of their million dollar launches:

$1,000,000 sales revenue

50% commission to affiliates = -$500,000

20% returns (with big bonus offered, lots of sales tend to be bogus on the big launches) = -$200,000

Bonuses to top affiliates (remember the Corvette bonus, the Mustang, $10k, etc?) = -$100,000

Merchant fees (3%) = -$30,000

Product launch manager = -$50,000

Customer service = -$50,000

That adds up to $930,000 in costs or refunds for a million dollar launch.

Leaves $70k.

7% net profit.

Not much room for error.

Some pay 60% commissions. It makes the picture worse.

Ok, so how long does it take to do a net $70k product launch? 6 months? More?

And if there are 2 partners…split that.


I don’t know about you…but I prefer to just quietly do $20k, $30k, $40k per month…like clockwork, month in, month out.

No big launches.

No affiliates.

Just a simple, profitable, under the radar, system.

But that’s just me.

Ok, back to my first year online. 8 months in. Great education, no profit.

I took a vacation (I was still working full time at that time but had finished one contract, so took a couple of weeks off)

I went to my favorite beach in Florida.

And vegged out.

Beach chair.

The Gulf of Mexico.

Water lapping right in front of me.

Seagulls flying overhead.

Total peace.

And thought.

No work.

Just thoughts.


Why? How?

How do other information marketers make it? Long run?

Not flash in the pan like google traffic flippers?

Not making affiliate programs rich schlepping affiliate products at close to 0% profit?

How are they doing it?

I had all day every day at the beach to think about this (I hadn’t met my wife yet, I was all alone for 2 weeks 🙂 )

And then when the sun went down at night…I logged on.

Not to make money.

But to figure out how the information marketers were doing it.

Here’s what I did (you can do it too, if you want – you’ll get the same results 🙂 )

I found about 25 highly successful internet marketers and I analyzed their businesses.

And this is what I found.

They all had lists of people to promote to.


That’s it.

That’s the only thing I found in common.

They all had different traffic sources.

Some used google. Some used yahoo. (this was before Facebook advertising, so no one was using facebook yet). Some used affiliates to get traffic. (That’s right…the big marketers don’t make MONEY on affiliate sales…they simply get traffic. YOU promote their product…they pay you and in the long run, they come out about even on that first sale. But YOU are building their list…THEN they repeatedly sell to the list 🙂 THAT’S how THEY make money on affiliate marketing)

Some used banner ads. Some used media traffic. Some used SEO. Some used a combination of these techniques.

But there was NO COMMON traffic source.

They didn’t all use affiliate marketing (remember affiliate marketing to the guy who owns the products is ONLY a traffic source…not a profit source in and of itself)

There was NO COMMON product (there were similar product categories…you know, ebooks, CDs, mp3s, home study courses, 3-day seminars, coaching, etc…but not all companies had a full line of all of those…it didn’t matter which they had to be profitable)

There was NO COMMON payment system.

There was NO COMMON niche (although there were several categories that did really well…health, money, investment, business, dating, relationships, fitness, weight loss, small business, internet business, real estate, health foods, etc….)

The ONLY COMMONALITY was that they all built a list of people who wanted to learn more about their niche topic…and ultimately this was a list of people who became over time LOYAL to the person from whom they were receiving emails.

Now, this might feel like common knowledge to you as you read it.

Or maybe as you read that, you had to stop and think about it.

Maybe you are now going to make a list of internet marketers who are successful to see if I have got it right.

Go ahead.

I do have it right.

I did then.

And in the 4 years while I have been building my business…it hasn’t changed.

Not one iota.

Sure, the products have morphed some.

Sure, the traffic sources have changed a little.

But the ONE COMMONALITY has not changed.

They all sell to a list of loyal people.

WAIT! You say. What about SLO’s – self-liquidating offers – where they are advertising to make a sale instead of a subscriber?

Still holds true…here’s why.

An SLO doesn’t make a profit. Hence the name “self liquidating offer” 🙂

It only….creates a subscriber who is a BUYER. Meaning a subscriber who is more highly qualified than a free subscriber.

You can try to punch holes in this all you want.

You can’t (oooh…a challenge 🙂 )

I have tried for 4 years.

The people making money in information have lists.


Ok, so I figured that out in my 8th month in this internet marketing experiment.

And I made a decision.

Right there.

On the beach.

I was going to build a list.

That is where the money was. (It’s really in the relationship with the list members… but I think of it altogether, what’s the point in a list without a relationship??? Like why have friends if you aren’t going to … talk 🙂

Ok, now that I had made that decision, to build a list, I had to make one more.

What kind of traffic should I use to build my list?

I wrestled with this for a while.

In my beach chair.

Watching the waves and the seagulls.

Eating grapes and cheese.

I had tried a lot of paid sources of traffic.

Now, rewind with me for a moment.

Remember how I got traffic to my first site and made a sale a day when I frankly didn’t have a clue?

Yeah…that’s right.

Article marketing.

And 8 months later…an interesting thing happened.

I realized that with no work except for the first 30 or 40 articles I had written to make sales of my first product…I STILL had a #1 google search ranking for my keyword.

THAT realization was key for me.

You see, I had literally STUMBLED on a really easy way to get high search engine rankings…and I already knew that articles drove buying traffic (they bought my first ebook, right?)….and I also knew that article marketing did not involve an investment of money (time, yes, but not money initially, of course now, I pay others to write my articles, so now it costs money not time 🙂 )….

And the reason the money part was important for me was that I was so convinced that I had hit the nail on the head with my realization that the ONLY COMMONALITY among successful information marketers was their LIST…

I decided not to take any more offline work after my vacation and simply live off my savings.

Which wasn’t a lot. So I couldn’t waste it on traffic.

But since I was going to work fulltime online…I had plenty of time. I wasn’t married yet, so I could literally work 10, 12, 14 hour days if I wanted (I still COULD…but it doesn’t go over real well after a couple of days…there is a PEACE issue in the house 🙂 )

So I made that life-changing decision…

Use article marketing for my traffic source.

Now, a quick note.

At that time, NO ONE was using article marketing to the extent that I use it.

And those who were were doing it primarily for either: 1) to create credibility online, not to drive massive traffic like I was going to do, or 2) they were using it to drive traffic to google AdSense sites (that doesn’t really work anymore)

So I had no PROOF that my system would work….but based on my results with my first product, I was willing to give it a try.

Long story short…it worked (I personally THANK GOD for that!!!).

And of course, the rest is history.

I broke ground.

Now thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of marketers use article marketing to build lists. I was the first to DO IT large scale like I did it (some others were talking about it or doing it as a small part of their business, but to the very best of my knowledge, I was the VERY FIRST to do it full scale). Now it is common practice.

Two things here:

1) You might be asking, well why doesn’t article marketing follow the same economic principle you mentioned earlier?

And here’s why:

Because it is NOT EASY to do.

(meaning in economic terms, article marketing does not operate like a free market like PPC traffic or traffic you buy, it is a controlled market [controlled by the search engines for quality — quality that can only be created by human power, and cannot be bought and traded, hence there is no free- market equilibrium state])

It CANNOT be totally automated, as can other sources of traffic.

For example, with PPC…it can be totally automated. Choose your keywords…choose your budget…get traffic.

But with article marketing…the articles have to be written by HUMANS.

(I know, perhaps you have heard of auto-generating content, spinning, etc. – none of that works long term….the search engines want genuine original, human written content…and have installed massive algorithms and filters to keep the content human-written and meaningful.)

So with article marketing….there is a human labor issue.

And that keeps it from becoming saturated (it really goes deeper than that…but seriously, do you really want ANOTHER rabbit hole, this one goes really deep???)

And 2) – if you don’t know it already…here is what happened with my experiment building a list with article marketing:

August 2006: wrote about 150 articles, got about 150 subscribers made about $125

September 2006: wrote about 150 articles, got about 250 subscribers, made about $250

October 2006: wrote about 150 articles, got about 500 subscribers, wrote an ebook about how I had managed to get 900 subscribers in just 3 months online (including that month)…did $900

Note: Aug and Sept were affiliate sales, most of Oct’s revenue was my own ebook…telling me people would buy what I wrote

November – wrote about 150 articles, added more subscribers…wrote another ebook…did $1600 in sales.

December…wrote about 150 more articles…added more subscribers…released another product (this wasn’t an ebook, this was a toolkit featuring 69 of my emails that I had written in the last 5 months, this sold well, so did…$3840 this month

January….wrote about 150 articles…added subs…released my first coaching program…did $5540

Then each month thereafter I added about $1000 per month, culminating in $15,347 in income in September, 13 months after my revelation about where real profits were made in information marketing, and commencing my gamble that article marketing as a primary traffic source would pay off (it obviously did 🙂

So now as you read that…you might be thinking, wow! that sounds so simple!

I wish!


And one of the reasons it was so hard was because I had to figure it all out myself.

Not just how to do each step… like how to create an ebook, how to record an mp3, how to create the coaching program lessons.

But how to fit it all together.

How it all works together.

Do you ever feel like that?

Like you know how to do some of the parts?

Like how to write an article.

Like how to write an ebook.

Like how to record an mp3.

Like how to write an email campaign.

Or maybe you don’t know how to do all the parts.

Like how to create a product funnel.

Like how to write the emails so they really draw people in.

Like how to do backend selling, upselling, downselling, the whole bit.

I don’t know about you – but it was REALLY frustrating to me!

It was like I was re-inventing the wheel (I did 🙂 )

And everytime I bought a new product from someone that was supposed to teach me all the parts…it didn’t really fit with everything else I knew and was implementing.

So I bought another product.

Same problem.

The pieces didn’t fit together right.

I even bought some coaching.

I paid a few different consultants $1000 per hour (I have never paid less than $1000 per hour for coaching…I guess I have always figured that if I can’t figure it out…I might as well go to the best)

And each consultant helped me breakthrough to the next level.

But all the pieces still weren’t fitting together.

Ok, fast forward until today (and by the way, when I did $15,347 in September of 2007, the pieces still weren’t all fitting together, I still had a lot of missing pieces at that time) and I am doing far more than $15,347 on average each month (I hesitate to share exact numbers, I find it is really cheesy when I see other marketers talking about their “millions” when in reality… YOU can’t really shoot for millions until you get to $10k, $15k per month like I did my first year, right?)

And now that I have coached hundreds of clients personally, I have clients who are generating hundreds of thousands per month collectively (I just got an email yesterday from a client who went from $5000 per month to $30,000 per month in just 5 months of working with me, another client sent me an email a few months ago – he is now at $800,000 for the year…about one year after beginning to implement my techniques, another client went from $0 to $3000 the first 3 months of working with me), I have wrestled and struggled with the best way to present all the zillions of puzzle pieces so that YOU can IMPLEMENT it and get success fast.

And frankly, the way I have done it in the past… I have created massive CD programs for each of the critical areas of building your business…for example, my 9 mp3 List Building Course, my 12 part Blackbelt Product Creation Course, my 8 CD Article Marketing Master Program, my 18 recording Email Mastery Program, among others.

Perhaps you own some of those programs.

And my clients who have the most success are the ones who have bought those teachings and studied them for hours and hours and have diligently implemented each technique, and in my coaching program have asked me questions like “how does (part a) fit into (part b, for example)” and so on.

And they have taken my techniques and put them in their business….and had massive success with them.

So the proof is there….people who have taken my techniques have generated literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues just from my techniques and my coaching (which guides them in putting all the parts together)

But herein lies the problem:

Notice I said they spend hours listening to my various programs, learning all the details of what to do and how to do it (I even have one client who religiously listens to about one hour of my teachings each day…she literally goes into one of my products each day and chooses a recording to learn from each day. But she owns a whole bunch of my products…so she has about 150 hours of my material to choose from each day).

And because those clients are spending hours and hours learning from me and implementing my material…they are getting incredible results.

Which means my systems work.

The problem: most people don’t have the time to listen to dozens of hours of material. And then figure out how it all fits together.

You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?

Whether it’s happened with my teachings, or with someone else’s…you know how it goes….you listen to an hour or 2 or ten of teaching on how to do something.

It all sounds great.

Then you try to do it.

And…it doesn’t work as easily as it sounded it would!

So you go back to re-listen to the material.

Then you try it again…and that part works.

Then you get stuck again.

Now you get frustrated.

This time you buy someone else’s product to learn how to do the same thing.

They tell you a different, although similarly-sensible way to do the same thing.

So you try to do it their way.

And then you get stuck again.

You go back in and listen to the teaching again.

It makes it clear again.

Problem solved.

Until the next time you get stuck.

Ever feel like that?

Like you are in an endless circle of buying products to keep solving problems…and no matter how many problems you solve, you keep getting stuck on new problems?

I’ve been there.

I know how it feels…REALLY frustrating.

Then of course perhaps you’ve tried the next step…coaching.

Which is great….if you have the time to spend implementing what you are learning.

In fact, that is how most of my most successful clients have gotten their success…by having access to ask me questions where they are stuck.

So I can get them unstuck.

But even with coaching….you can keep getting stuck.

And another problem with coaching is…it simply isn’t easily scalable.

That’s why I had to close the doors on my highest level of personal coaching.

Because once you have 30 or so clients…you just can’t give everyone the attention they need to get results.

Yeah, yeah, I know there are people out there who claim you can have hundreds of coaching clients…but that isn’t really coaching.

That is more like having perpetual access to more teaching like what I described earlier. That isn’t being able to have personal access to “the guru” to get your questions answered and get unstuck.

Ok, so let’s summarize the challenges here:

Long-winded, detailed, 10-hour programs on each topic, although successful for the few people who have hundreds of hours to devour the material…work.

But you don’t have hundreds of hours to devour material, do you?

Personalized, less than 30 people, coaching programs work….but once a particular guru has 30 clients…everyone else is either shut off, or shunted into some pretend coaching program that looks and smells like personal coaching…but when you really need to get unstuck…simply doesn’t do the job.

So a funny thing happens…once someone (like me) actually figures it all out, so many people are clamoring for personal attention…that we back out of working with people personally.

So that only leaves people to learn from who are…still figuring it all out.

Like I was when I was personally mentoring 30 or so clients at a time, to high levels of information marketing success, ultimately over about 4 years, helping hundreds of clients personally.

So where am I going with this?

The bottom line is, for the last 6-9 months I have been trying to figure it out…how to create a simple solution, literally step by step, no-fail solution, that doesn’t require dozens and dozens of hours of instruction just to get the basic details…then still requires personal hand-holding and hours and hours and time to fine-tune things.

I have wrestled with this problem.

Dreamt about.

Meditated on it.

If I had hair, I would have pulled it out (yes, I’m bald on my head, sometimes I pull my chest hair out instead, it makes my wife really mad, something about the vacuum getting clogged up)

I mean, I have really struggled with this.

And lately I have seen some of the uber-gurus coming out with these “all-inclusive” training programs that have HUNDREDS of hours of material in them.

And I began to think…hmmm….someone else beat me to it.

Then I thought, well, I could do the same thing…I have hundreds of hours of teaching…why not just package it all together with an an uber-complete training.

And then I realized….all of these “all-inclusive” training programs don’t solve the problem…they just make it worse.

You listen to hundreds of hours of material…IF you have the time… and the more you learn…the less you feel like you know what to do NEXT.

Same problem I discussed earlier.

So continued to wrestle with this problem.

And finally, I asked myself “would it be possible to boil all the steps down into manageable chunks that would work in all niches, and would literally be step by step, no-fail easy”?

And at first, I thought, nope, can’t be done.

I mean, it used to take me 10 hours to teach someone in a 10-week course for $5000 how to create a product funnel.

How could I really streamline it and make it meaningful?

But then get this….once you tell me I CAN’T do something…it really pushes me into high gear.

Remember when I started my business, and I was basically failing the same way most others fail online?

And I took a completely unique approach…in fact, doing something NO ONE else on earth had done the way I was going to do it (article marketing + list building)…and incidentally became the #1 EzineArticles author on earth in about 3 years…and building one of the most stable information marketing businesses on earth, with unheard-of subscriber, visitor and buyer revenue levels, and teaching hundreds of clients to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue from my methods…completely from scratch and on a shoestring.

That is just the way I am designed by God…it might take me months to do it…but if there is a way under the sky to do something…I can analyze it, think on it, drill into it…until I solve it.

And so I simply decided a few months ago that if no one else on earth could do it… I was just going to find a way.

And so the last few months, this challenge has consumed me.

I have created test trainings.

I have tested my new methods on my Platinum coaching clients.

I created a test series of lessons and had about 90 people work through them, digging out the holes, errors, and helping me fine-tune the process so that it will work flawlessly for future clients.

And I am proud to say…with the help of God, my Platinum clients, my apprentice clients, and my own forceful and demanding personality… I have done it!

I believe I have created the only 100% complete, step by step simple, easy to follow, no fluff at all, totally concise, do this, do that and have information marketing success system on earth.

Each part of my system has been exposed now to rigorous testing, intense questioning, and detailed inspection to ensure that it…WORKS!

And it is concise. Totally CONCISE. Just the facts. No fluff. Do this. Do that.

Now, what does a complete system like this sell for?

Look, I have struggled with this as well.

You see, some of the most popular training programs lately…that are filled with hundreds of hours of trainings that force you to spend hundreds of hours listened to long-winded content full of fluff before you can even begin to implement anything…are selling for $1997 – $12,000 right now.

My own complete training programs in the past have been priced at between $3997 and $12,000 and dozens of clients have paid me between $3997 and $17,997 to learn this information from me.

And so frankly, when I put together this training…that has all the nuts and bolts, step by step complete instruction….in just a few highly targeted hours of detailed instruction, with an easy to follow, numbered manual that literally lays out EVERY STEP of the process in the most concise way I know of on earth….that literally cuts hundreds of hours of learning and countless hours of frustration of the learning process… I had a real dilemma.

You see, I knew this material would be worth to the person who implements it…more than ANYONE has ever paid me for my training.

And that would be $18,000 (some clients have paid more, but that includes additional help and personal instruction over and above the training programs I have mentioned)

So I KNEW this program is worth at least $18,000.

But the problem is….if I put that price tag on it…although there would be a few takers over time….and it would be totally worth it to them….it wouldn’t fulfill my personal goal with this…and that is to make this SIMPLE system readily available to ANYONE on EARTH who wanted to be able to create an internet business from scratch and make a full-time income literally within months of buying my system.

So I started thinking…ok, how much can I lower the price….and I went to $12k, then to $5k…then I finally settled on $1000.

It would be a bargain at $1000, nearly 95% off the real-world value for this training.

And that made me feel good.

Until I realized that it would still be out of range for some people.

And I didn’t want that.

So I thought, ok, I’ll do a 10-month payment plan…$100 a month for 10 months.

Almost anyone can afford that.

And even if someone is dead broke and has to borrow the first $100 to get started, when they are making money the second month…they simply pay me out of their earnings.

Perfect, right?

yes….except it just didn’t feel right.

I didn’t want people to feel like they were in “hock” to me for 10 months.

Back to the drawing board.

And here is what I have decided:

A one-time payment of $97.

$97 for everything.

My complete system, boiled down to easy step by step numbered instructions that frankly….even a child could follow these instructions. And make money. Even if you have never made a dime online…these instructions are perfect, giving you everything you need…without hundreds of hours of learning required.

It’s literally 315 minutes of training.

That’s all.

315 minutes.

That’s 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Spread out over 6 audio trainings that deliver step by step EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

No, it’s not hundreds of hours of content, full of fluff and inconsequential information that simply gives you information overload.

It’s concise, EXACTLY what you need to succeed.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

And by the way…there’s no upsell after you buy this. Nothing.

You need NOTHING more than what’s included in this system.


Now, there is one thing I have to say.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

This is NOT something where you can just listen to a few hours of instruction and allow it to seep into your mind like a sponge and poof! your online business manifests itself.

You aren’t going to be able to “visualize” your way to success.

Nope. This is a real business.

You are going to be selling REAL products…your own information products.

Products I am going to teach you how to create.

You are going to build a list.

You are going to write articles.

You are going to be building a real business, and you are going to have to work to do it, just like if you were to open a coffee shop or a tanning salon in your town, you would have to work.

You aren’t going to get rich the first month.

So if you are really lazy person, and you aren’t willing to work 10-20 hours per week, diligently following my directions to build a REAL business where REAL people are going to PAY YOU for your expertise and products and services and coaching, then this is NOT for you.

Don’t buy it.

And if you are the kind of person who is going to read through a list of 21 step by step points and say “I already knew that…I just didn’t know how to do it” and then when you read the simple instructions for how to do it, you are going to second guess yourself and say “that is so simple it can’t possibly work” then this isn’t for you.

Don’t buy it.

But if you are the kind of person who has been struggling to build a business online for months or perhaps even for years, and you are sick and tired of buying hours and hours of endless training material only to find you need more training, if you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels online, and you are finally ready for a concise, simply solution….then today is the beginning of a new era in your life….and I suggest that you BUY my system today…NOW.

Take action NOW and change your life forever: