TIBA List Building 101

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Who Else Wants to Learn the Step by Step Secrets to Building A Responsive Opt In List Online Fast? In Just Six Short Weeks, Go From 0 to 50 Subscribers a Day… Guaranteed!

Mentors: Sean Mize, Jimmy Wilson

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Who Else Wants to Learn the Step by Step Secrets to Building A Responsive Opt-In List Online Fast?

In Just Six Short Weeks, Go From 0 to 50 Subscribers a Day… Guaranteed!

How long have you been trying to build a list?  One month, one quarter…maybe even one year?  Longer?  What are you getting stuck on?  Building the web site itself?  Maybe its the squeeze page?  Or maybe you have everything set up…but you just can’t figure out how to drive the right traffic to your web site.

Look, I have been where you are.  I remember when I first got started online, I only knew 2 things for sure:  I had to build a list, and I had to drive traffic to a squeeze page to do it.

So I built a squeeze page.  By hand.  I did it the hard way, literally building it from scratch.  By the way, it was an ugly squeeze page…only converted about 28% of the people who read that page. Now my squeeze pages convert at between 34% and 56%.

But I stuck with it…I sent it lots of traffic.  A LOT of traffic…from a lot of different sources.  Some worked.  Some didn’t.

Over the course of the last 3 1/2 years, I have been testing and tracking, tweaking and refining my squeeze pages, my traffic, and my list building efforts.

Now, I generate around 1000 new subscribers each and every month, like clockwork – who spend between $15k and $20k with me each month.

Honestly, when I first got started in August of 2006, those kinds of numbers were hopes…but thats all they were.  However, as I have learned, step by step (the hard way, trial and error) EXACTLY what to do to build a large subscriber list, I have documented what I have done, and now know EXACTLY what to do to:

1)  Drive massive traffic to my web pages

2)  Convert that traffic into subscribers

3)  Monetize that traffic

So what about you?

The very way I operate is to share with others, with you, what I have learned.  And to make it easy, step-by-step easy, color-by-numbers easy, I have created a 6 week, 6 module complete list building course.

Enter my “TIBA List Building 101” Course

What exactly is this List Building Starter Course?

In the course of just 6 short weeks, not only will you learn how to build a list from scratch, but I will show you, with detailed instructions, exactly how to:

Build a squeeze page, quickly and easily

Create an autoresponder account that manages all your emails, subscribers, and opt in requests

Put an easy-to-use opt in form on your squeeze page

Create a free giveaway report that your visitors will be simply drooling to download from you…in your specific niche

Write your entire 20 message email series…that’s right, when this course is through, just 6 weeks from now, you will have 20 (or more) emails loaded into your autoresponder, sending emails to your subscriber

Drive massive traffic from 7 different sources to your squeeze page so you can create a huge list fast, including:

Article Marketing
Joint Ventures
Press Releases
Classified Advertising
Ezine advertising

PLUS: A Bonus Traffic Source I Rarely Tell Anyone About

Find at least 3 or more affiliate products to make money from in your email campaign

Begin writing your first product…your first 50-100 page ebook…sorry, folks, I can’t promise you will finish writing that in just 6 weeks!

In just six weeks, you will go from no list to a list of 100’s – with as many as 50-100 new subscribers coming into your list brand new each day.

Exclusive Bonuses:

In addition, I have prepared a special web – beginner’s guide to give you step by step instructions for buying a domain name, setting up web hosting, creating your own squeeze page without any knowledge of html, and detailed instructions for uploading your squeeze page to your web site so that it is live on the world wide web in just minutes.

I am also including for free my own personal squeeze page builder so you can effortlessly crank out multiple squeeze pages…all day long, if you want to (you won’t need that many!)

I am also including a complete tutorial for setting up your autoresponder – this will take all the guesswork out of getting your email campaign up and running.

So to wrap up, this is what you are getting in my List Building Starter Course:

6 Weeks of Intense, Hands-On Instruction that covers everything you need to know to create a squeeze page and list that has the ability to do that same amount of business mine does, or even more… value = $1295

Squeeze Page Builder… value = $95

Web Domain and Web Hosting Tutorial… value = $95

Complete Tutorial to Set up Autoresponder… value = $95

PLUS:  I am going to give you unlimited email communication, coaching, and support for 6 weeks…. value = $450

The total value of everything in this package, if you were to buy everything separately, is a whopping… $2030

How long are you going to continue stumbling around in the dark, hoping you can figure this list building thing out on your own?  How much money did you make last month? How long have you been trying to figure it out on your own?  How much longer are you going to stumble around, hoping to luck into the right information?  Or are you going to jump on the opportunity to discover exactly how this is done?

Here’s the deal – I am not sure how long I am going to leave this sales page up. These are my secrets, my exact steps here. If I sell too many of these, your list building efforts might cut into mine. So I cannot let that happen. Also, I am in the process of creating a $5000 product – and these secrets will be a part of that product. If this sells too fast, I will have to pull it, as I don’t want to ruin demand for my upcoming super-product. So if you want this, get it now – don’t wait for it to disappear forever or for the price on the information to go up.

So how much is my TIBA List Building 101 Course?

As I mentioned just now, I could sell the parts to this package for $2030.  But that would be out of price range for most of you anyway (no offense – but unless you are making a few grand a month online, you really shouldn’t be spending $2030).  So instead, I am determined to make it affordable for everyone – I want you to build a list so you will want to learn more from me – things like how to monetize that list like crazy.  But I cannot do that if you do not have a list.  You cannot learn to make big money online without a list.  So I want to make it affordable.  So I have decided to let it go for a limited time for just$997  $497.00 today.  Yes, I might be out of my mind to let it go for a price like that but like I said, I might pull it or raise the price at any time, so my advice is:  get this while I am out of my mind!

In this course, everything is laid out for you. If you do not understand something, send me an email. Remember, you have unlimited email access to me. I will answer your questions for you, lay it out for you, tell you exactly what to do – whatever you need.
Follow my steps for 91 days, no-questions-asked, satisfaction guaranteed

This is the bottom line. I want you to make money online. I create products that teach you to do just that. Like I said earlier, you have probably bought several of my products – and they work. This is my best product yet – because it tells you exactly what to do. The bottom line is, I want you to be satisfied, I want you to make money online. If for any reason this doesn’t work for you, I want to refund your money – because I know if I do, you will remain a faithful customer of mine. So try this system out for 91 days. If it doesn’t work for you – just ask me for a refund. I’ll send it right out.

Once I enroll 100 students, I either have to raise the price or pull this offer. Don’t get left out. Get my secrets and my system today.
Look at it this way – $1,995 $997  $497 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on the “TIBA List Building 101 Course” and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!
Go ahead. You know you want it.

Use my secrets, step-by-step instructions, to achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

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