Create Your Own Website

You need your own website. Whether you have your own product or not, you need your own website.

You see, if you are using someone else’s to build your business, and they choose to change the way they do business, you might lose your business. But if you own your own website, then you can make adjustments when someone else makes changes.

This applies even if you are selling someone else’s product. Either sell the product at your website, or at least send them to your website first so you can capture their email and name, then direct to the affiliate site. This allows you to have control over the sales process, rather than just blindly sending potential consumers directly to the affiliate website.

Create a squeeze page, a dedicated page that simply asks for an email and name before they are directed to the affiliate site. Offer a free book or other bonus in exchange for their information. By doing this, then you will have more control. If they do not buy from the affiliate site, you can send them additional information in the future, or even send them to a different affiliate site in the future.

By owning your own website, you maintain control of your sales process and sales funnel.

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