Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing

The reason you need landing pages is to effectively grow your email list, or to sell products and services. Sending your audience to your home page isn’t effective and will not work. You must create specific landing pages with a very narrow goal in mind for each one. This is how you’ll explode your affiliate marketing business.

A good landing page will help you build your list and sell products or services at the same time. But, often the landing page changes based on the goal.

Landing pages help you attract your audience, earn more leads and make more customers out of the leads than if you didn’t have them. Most people need to be told or led to buying, and won’t make the choice on their own without some form of convincing. Landing pages are excellent for this because they are designed to keep the focus on the goal rather than show them all the content, information and products you’re promoting.

Webinar Landing Page

A webinar landing page is short and designed to let your audience sign up for your webinar in just a minute or two. As an affiliate marketer, you can host a webinar about a problem, offering solutions to the attendees -including the affiliate product you want to promote. When people sign up for the free webinar, they get put on your email list. You can continue marketing to the people who sign up for your email list as well as make sales via the webinar.

404 Landing Page

Sometimes people will come to your site via a broken link or an incorrect URL. That’s where the 404 page comes into play. Edit your 404 error page to tell the visitors you know they’re on the wrong page and you’re sorry. Then offer something of value to them to make up for the mistake. This will ensure that they end up on your mailing list.

Lead Generation Home Page

You don’t have to stick with the typical home page that many sites have. Instead, you can make your home page a lead-gen page. To do this you’ll want to create a valuable freebie to give away, along with a compelling call to action. Always enable them to get through to your main site, whether they sign up or not.

Your About Me Page

This may seem different than you’re used to hearing, but your “about me” page isn’t about you at all. It’s about your audience. Do tell your audience about you so that they know why you, and why they can trust you. But include a call to action so you can get more email sign-ups. Mention anything new coming up that they might want to read as well.

Coming Soon Page

If you know that a new product is coming due to your relationship with the creator, you can create a coming soon page that will collect leads from your audience. It can be very simple with just a good headline about what’s coming, focusing on the problems it will solve – with a sign-up not to miss anything.

Freebie Sales Page

Even though you sell other people’s products, you can create an awesome free eBook or short email course using PLR (private label rights) within the right topic area to give away to your audience. This is a great strategy to build your email list fast. Creating a sales page for your freebie will ensure that more people download it than otherwise.

As an affiliate marketer, most of the time there will be sales-focused landing pages already made for you. Therefore, you don’t need a typical sales page. Instead, you need pages that focus on building your email list. But you can use these landing page types to help get more leads and make more sales.

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