Create Relevant, Personalized and Actionable Messaging

Regardless of the way you send your messages to your audience, all messages need to be relevant, personalized and actionable. This means that they need to pertain to the reader or viewer, and made just for them and include a call to action.

  1. Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Who are you trying to send a message to?

Create an audience persona before you even start to create the message. Write down who the person is, what their problems are, and so forth. Describe the person down to the clothing they wear and what they like to eat for lunch, and you’ll do a better job at creating the right messages that get results.

  • What pain points and goals do they have?

The people you want to reach with your messaging usually have some pain points that you want to address. You should know them inside and out so that you can address them in your messaging. The more you can show that you relate to their pain points, the better.

  • Can you offer solutions to them?

Once you know their pain points, can you offer any solutions to them? If you focus your messaging on solutions rather than problems, your messaging automatically becomes very relevant to your audience.

  • How can you create more value?

Whenever you can, find a way to add value to your messages. A good way is with a checklist that solves one of their pain points, or a cheat sheet, a white paper, or something that helps them with a problem or part of a problem.

  • Can you prove your claims?

A great way to create relevant messaging is to show that you can prove any claims you make. You can do this with case studies and testimonials. This will help your audience trust your messages more.

  1. What Your Messages Need to Include
  • You must know your audience well

It’s imperative to study your audience. You need to know exactly who they are and what they do in their free time. You need to continuously study them to find out what their pain points are and other preferences that they have. This will help you create your messaging to be more relevant and effective.

  • You must know your product (or service) well

Anyone dealing with customers should know their products and services backward and forward. Train yourself and your customer service team so that they can help customers with all aspects of your products or services.

  • You must include a CTA

In every message you send, whether it’s a sales page, an email message, a blog post, or a social media post, you should include a call to action. Your CTA is vital for ensuring that your message is actionable. If you can’t think of a CTA, you may need to rethink your message.

Creating messages that are relevant, personalized and actionable takes just a little extra work, but the payoff is amazing. You’re going to boost your profits exponentially.

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