Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that has ever been invented. No matter what you may have read, it’s not dead.

You should focus on building your list even when you’re focused on making sales elsewhere. Your list is something you alone own and will enable you to take your business to the next level.

  • Create Effective Subject Lines

Getting your emails opened by your list members is half the problem of having an email list. But, a good subject line can help get your email opened. Use keywords and be direct about what’s inside the email that you’re sending. You want to make people curious to open the email with the subject line, but you don’t want to trick them.

  • Send Emails Regularly

Once people sign up for your email list, they expect to get messages. If you take too long to start sending messages, they may forget about you and even report you for spam if you suddenly start sending messages. Send them at least weekly and ensure that they’re relevant and enjoyable so that they look forward to them and open then.

  • Put Freebies in Your Email Campaigns

To ensure that your audience is excited about opening your messages, reward them for opening and reading. Include valuable content and consider adding freebies sometimes such as checklists or templates.

  • Address Your Customer of One

Don’t send emails to “everyone.” When you write an email message, it’s important to understand who your audience is so that you can craft the message as if it is to only one person. This will feel so much more personal and get a lot more response.

  • Use Your Own Name in the Return Address

Often businesses tend to use non-personal return addresses. This cuts down on open rates. Use your own name for the return address. It is more personal and you’re more likely to get your audience to open them.

  • Prove Your Trustworthiness

When you make a promise, it’s important to live up to it. This is truly the only way to prove your trustworthiness. Don’t blow smoke or use hyperbole to make a point. Tell the truth, and stick by it.

  • Send Personalized Messages

Use the technology that you have in your autoresponder to personalize messages. Remember, to personalize a message, you’ll need to ask for their name so that you can use it in the messages.

Increasing your email marketing effectiveness and getting results that matter involves keeping in touch with your list, solving problems, and showing them that they’re not alone.

Plus, always live up to your promises and your audience will grow to trust you and look forward to all of your messages.

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