How Fast Can You Start Making Money Online?

One of my subscribers asked me the following question:

How quick can one start making money when one is desperate?

Here is my response:

I am going to jump right into this one first. That is a great question, and contrary to all the hype you see online about getting rich overnight, this is not a get rich quick business, although some people do get rich in a hurry.

Some really do. But it is an inconsistent business when you are first getting started. If you have a list or are promoting a product already, you know that some days you only get 3 subscribers and some you may get 100. Some days you do not sell anything, and others you get four orders for $67 each.

When you have 100 sales a day, then if it fluctuates by 10 sales daily it is no big deal–one day you get 90, the next 100, the 110, etc, and maybe down to 80 on another day. But when you have a small list and only 100 visitors a day–you get 1 one day, none the next, 2 the next day–not enough to pay the bills.

So if you are really desperate, and you cannot afford to go a few months without much income if it happens that way, then you probably shouldn’t be gambling on the internet to make you rich fast. But if you are not so desperate that you can take a few months and really learn the ropes, then maybe if you work really hard you can build a business.

You see, I think that one of the biggest disservices online is when someone sells something with the premise that if you will just do this and this exactly like I have done it, then you will get rich.

What we can do online is show you what we have done, so you can model it. For example, if I share with 100 people the exact same methods that I use, and tell you to go out and do the exact same thing, what is going to happen? Have you ever gotten 7 of the exact same email from 7 different lists that you are on?

The market simply becomes saturated with the one product that is claimed to be the end-all and be all. So all you can really do is model what someone else is doing, who is successful.

I hate to say this too, but I do not believe it is possible to set up a true ‘cookie cutter’ online system. If you see a web site that promises that all you have to do is promote that one web site and you will get rich, I think that is bunk. Sure, if you are one of 10 people promoting it, yes, maybe you will make money. But if I sell the same web site to 1000 people, what happens? Nobody gets rich.

Think about this. I could sell my entire business. I could sell all my articles, all my autoresponder campaigns, and all my squeeze pages. If I sold them to one person, he could do just as well as I do with them. If I sold them to 2 people, maybe they could do just as well. But what would happen if I sold them to 100 people? You know the answer.

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