How Important is it to Write Your Own Ebook?

Ebooks. Is writing your own ebook important? Maybe I am a little jaded, after having written 4 ebooks in the last 10 months, and several ereports and a few ecourses.

So I naturally think that writing ebooks is important. Actually, I think that writing anything that gets published is important, ebooks, articles, reports, courses, anything.

When I get an email from someone who has read something of mine and they mention that they have seen my name a few times before in a few different sources, what do I know? I know that this person and everyone else who has seen my name around — and I have only been online for 10 months — feels a deeper connection with me than if they have never seen my name.

Think about it. Are you more likely to do business with Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Sean Mize, or Joe Nobody? Name recognition is important. Focus on getting name recognition.

One great way to do it is to write your own ebooks. Write a free one first and give it away. Give it away everywhere. Write articles. Give them away. Then write a book. Don’t give it away. Load it with information. Load it with $500 worth of information, then give it away for $50. Always over deliver.

Become name-recognized for over delivering in your niche. Over deliver in every ebook, every article, every report.

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