Write Articles to Position Yourself as an Expert (And Gain Traffic at the Same Time)

Writing articles is an incredibly effective method of creating the expert attitude. You see, when you write about what you know, you begin to develop an attitude that simply indicates you know what you are talking about.

No matter how well you know something, if you write about it, you become smoother. If you have written articles for awhile, you will be able to crank out return letters and posts to forums much faster, because you are writing something you feel comfortable writing about. And the only way you can do that is to write a lot.

Start with areas you fully understand. Possibly your first 25 articles will be on the basics of your topic. Just write what you know. After the first 25 or so articles, then begin to go in more depth. Once you have covered all the basics, you can go deep.

Do not feel as though you need to cover every detail in your article. You see, when someone is reading your articles, they may not have the time to read a small book–so keep it short and to the point. If the reader wants to learn more, they can contact you.

This allows you to simultaneously develop contacts as your are establishing yourself as an expert. After you have written 100+ articles, you will not only be perceived as an expert, but you will also have created some good contacts.

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