How to Maximize Your Affiliate Revenue for Optimal Affiliate Profits

You have been online for awhile, working on creating your own product. Maybe you have one already. Maybe you have a list already. But you have no income.

You need affiliate revenue.

What is affiliate revenue? Affiliate revenue is income you derive from the promotion of affiliate products.

I earn nearly one dollar per month per subscriber on one of my affiliate revenue email campaigns. How do I do it?

I simply build a relationship with my subscribers by offering them top-notch information about which they are hungry and thirsty, then I recommend they visit specially-selected affiliate web sites.

Why do I say, ‘specially-selected’? Because you cannot use just any affiliate program.

Your affiliate program must meet the following criteria before you should promote a product:

1) The product must be exceptional and be backed up with remarkable customer service.

2) The product sales page must do a phenomenal job of transferring 1) to your subscribers.

3) The affiliate program must be honest, and pay exactly when it says it will. Affiliate income must be consistent to you.

4) The affiliate product must mesh well with your own product, whether your own product is already created or just in the works.

Once you have selected an affiliate product with which to maximize your affiliate revenue, recommend the sales page or product to your subscribers. Do not sell them. Recommend them.

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