Why did I Write “Step by Step Guide to Building an Online List”?

When I first became involved in online marketing, I found there was plenty of information online to tell me the types of things I needed to do to make money. I found many different types of get-rich-quick schemes, pyramid arrangements, and other worthless scams. I became inundated with information, most of it just enough to tell me the big picture, but not quite detailed enough that I could go out and duplicate everything and make money.

So I did what perhaps you are doing now. I tried a few things, saw what really worked, what didn’t work, and began to make changes. I started building lists–but I built them wrong.

Yes–that is right. I built them wrong. You see, effective list-building is not just about compiling a list of names, and emailing them some information every other day with your link. It is about developing a relationship with them, one that inspires trust and respect.

But back to my story. I built a couple of lists, but I built them wrong, so I was not able to effectively monetize them. I made a little money, but nothing like I believed the experts were doing. And I really believed one thing—some people were making a killing online, while most people were losing money.

One thing about me, I believe in numbers. I’m a statistics person. I believe that if I do one thing one way one thousand times, and a certain result occurs, for example, someone buys 4 times, then on average, every time I do the same thing one thousand times I will get, on average the same result. So if some people online have lists with a few hundred thousand names, and are averaging 50 cents per month in income off that list, then I should be able to also develop lists with names that generate me 50 cents per month income. And so should you.

But the key is that you have to do the right things to get to that point. It won’t just happen. You have to know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and then get out there and do it.

That is what this training manual is about. It will show you, step by step, exactly what to do to make money building a list.

And I can tell you this. You can make money the very first month with your list, if you do things right.

And that is what this manual will do for you. Show you the exact steps to take, one at a time, to make that happen for you. You can begin testing and duplicating my results the very first month.

The size of the list shouldn’t matter. Whether you have 100 names or 1000 names or 10,000 names, you should be able to squeeze 50 cents per month out of each name on your list.

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