Email Marketing How-To

Email marketing. Oh, the good old days when you could email everyone anytime. Enter CAN-SPAM. Now only the good guys (and gals) can email market.

Works for me. What about you?

My guess is, if you are successful, you aren’t reading this article. So I assume you are not successful.

Here’s what you need to know to effectively email market.

1) You must build your own personal email list.

Relationship rules. If you have a relationship with your list, you will email market effectively. If not, you are dead in the water.

2) You must send out great content.

I receive a few hundred emails a day. I only read a few of them. Which ones? Some would try to tell me that I read the ones with the best headlines. I disagree. I open the ones that I believe will have the best content. I couldn’t care less if the writer can write a headline. I remember that yesterday when I opened and read his email, I either did or did not learn anything. If I didn’t, I probably do not open the email today. If I did, I will open one more email. You must send out great content. Your open rate should be directly proportionate to the quality of your emails, over time, not a one-time headline.

3) You must only recommend superior products.

If you do not, your subscribers will opt out of your list. And that is loss. If you only recommend superior products, your subscribers will love you. Give it a try.

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