How to Get Started Online and Get Past Information Overload

It is so easy to get caught up in the massive amount of knowledge that is floating around. If you are like me, you get many emails everyday touting the latest newest best program for getting ric.h online. If you want to learn about getting started online and you go surfing, you can spend hours, download thousands of pages of information, read it all, and not be any further along than you were when you started looking for information. You literally get lost in the avalanche of information.

I advocate the KISS principle—keep it simple, stupid.

I believe there are two legitimate ways to make mo.ney online—Create your own product and sell it, or find someone else’s product and sell it. Either way you have to sell. Period. No way around it.

You might ask about all the multi-level and pyramid and ‘just invest 10 dollars and you will get millions in two weeks’ programs. Do you read scam? Move on. Do not pass go. Spend your money on a dinner out.

To make real money online you must sell. Sell what you create or sell what someone else creates. But you must sell. I really believe that anyone that tells you differently is just downright not honest.

If you are just getting started, sell someone else’s product.

Your game plan will look like this:

Start with just a squeeze page (web page with just a headline, 3 bullet points and an opt in box to collect names and emails)

Build a list.

Develop a relationship with your list. Teach them what you know, however little it may be.

Recommend products to your list that you have used.

Once you have been building a list for awhile, and are comfortable with it, and are regularly corresponding with it, begin to develop your own product.

Once you have your own product, simply begin to promote it to your list.

You may have noticed that I recommend starting with a list, rather than a sales page. Remember, if you are selling something for someone else, you do not need a sales page.

By the way, never send traffic directly to an affiliate site. Always send the traffic to your squeeze page first. That way they can opt in to your list and you can send that same traffic to the site multiple times. If you send them directly to a web site, and they do not buy, you have lost whatever you spent on traffic.

By the way – a note on traffic. There is free traffic. But it takes time, effort, and energy. If you have the money, buy traffic and write articles. That’s it. If you can’t spend money, write articles – lot’s of them. When you start making money, invest it in traffic, not a new program.

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