Fundamental Concept of List Building

First with some background. Why build a list or lists? Over the course of the last ten years, people have developed products to sell online and have created fortunes targeting the right people to who to sell. By creating a product and an exciting sales page, one could drive visitors to the sales page, convert a percentage of them, and make money.

With the advent of high-speed internet, the average surfer moves through sites much faster, decreasing the conversion rate of the sales pages for first-time visitors. Even in the traditional sales world, experts tell us that it takes a potential buyer from 7 to 10 exposures to the product before they purchase.

So how do we duplicate that online? Obviously one method would be to continue to drive surfers to our sites, hoping that once they have seen our ad enough times, they will eventually purchase. However, we generally pay a price for each visitor that comes to our web site.

So what if we were to capture the name and email address of each of our visitors, and then send them a friendly reminder to re-visit our site, perhaps once every few days, thus giving them the chance to visit our site 7-10 and make the purchase?

So that is exactly what we do. We design our web sites in such a fashion that visitors are compelled to give us the needed information, and we begin to develop a relationship with them. Every few days we email them an informative letter, giving them another compelling reason to revisit our site.

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