Communicating With Your List

You have been building your list for some time now. Perhaps you have 100 subscribers to your list, or maybe you have 500 or 5000.

You have heard that some internet marketers can earn up to one dollar for every name on their list, per month, but you aren’t near that. Why?

One of the most important things to know and remember about list building is that list building is not just about assembling a collection of emails. If that were the case, you could buy a list of one million and make one million per month, right?

So the key with list building is not the volume of subscribers, but the relationship with those subscribers. Sure, as your volume of subscribers goes up, your revenue goes up, holding the relationship with your subscribers constant.

The mathematical formula for revenue from your list is: List size x relationship with list x quality of list = revenue from list.

It is just that simple. But it is multiplicative, not additive in nature. No matter how large one or two of the elements of your revenue formula is, if any of the elements is = to 0, your total revenue will be 0.

If you have a relationship quantity of 0, then your revenue will be 0.

So how do you develop relationship with your subscribers?

You must communicate with your subscribers. Note I say subscribers, not list. You must communicate with your subscribers personally, not as a group. Sure, your auto responder will go out to the entire list, but as much as is possible, personalize the list. Use the subscribers’ name. Write the email to each person individually by using the word ‘you’, never, ‘my list’ or ‘you guys’ or ‘my subscribers’.

Ask your subscribers questions. Ask them what they want to learn about. Encourage them to ask questions. Then answer the questions in your auto responder campaign. Your subscribers will begin to feel a sense of community. They will begin to relate to you personally–hence a relationship.

As your relationship with your subscribers grows, so will your revenue.

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