How Important is SEO for Natural Search Engine Rankings?

I do not know much about SEO.

But that is OK. Some of my sites rank far higher than a lot of optimized sites. Well, I guess there are optimized sites out there.

The search engines tell me that my sites are ranked in the top ten consistently. Hmmm. I do not do any SEO at all. No white hat. No black hat. Nothing.

Don’t believe me?

Type in my name and each of the following keyword phrases into the various search engines: secrets of internet success, internet marketing secrets, time management, christian success, christian time management, christian leadership, christian article bank, christian article directory, list building, secrets of list building, list building secrets, email list secrets, and traffic generation.

When you find my sites (so you will know what you are looking for), type in the keyword phrases without my name and you will see the natural search engine rankings for my sites. Go into cached results. You will see that my sites have not been around for long. But they outrank longtime black hat, white hat, what hat!

So what do I do? Articles. That is about it. When I first started I did some directory listing stuff and asked for a few links.

But I would rather write articles. It is a great feeling when I type in one of my keywords and one of my articles is in the top ten results. And an even greater feeling when I get a click from a natural search engine click through from an article.

If you aren’t writing articles, you are missing out on one of the best contributors to natural search engine rankings.

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