How to Make Autoresponders Work for You

You have been told an autoresponder is necessary to create long-term viable business on the internet.

But why?

An autoresponder campaign is probably the single biggest differentiating factor between the success of the big boys (and big girls) in internet marketing.

An autoresponder allows you to remind your visitors and send them back to your web sites again and again and again. If a visitor makes it to your web site and does not buy from you, if he or she does not become a part of your autoresponder campaign, you have likely lost him or her forever. Forever. Unless you pay for the click again. And by the way, just because you aren’t paying Google AdWords for the clicks, you are still paying. You pay when you write the article and it takes you 20 minutes of your time. You pay when you send out a JV mailing. You pay when you advertise in an ezine. You pay.

So make the most of your visitors. Give them an irresistible offer to opt in to your email list. Then give them irresistible information repeatedly so they will not dare leave your mailing list. Give them the best, they will never leave you. Send them junk, you give them to someone else. You choose.

Send them quality emails. Recommend only the best products. Send them freebies from time to time. Court them. Win them for life. Autoresponders rule.

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