Top 4 Traffic Building Techniques for Success

Traffic building. What is it all about? We are told we have to traffic build. We must get traffic in order to build a list, in order to sell our products.

But why don’t we just buy a million visitors a month? That would certainly be the easiest way, wouldn’t it?

But you and I know better. For our traffic to be worthwhile, it must be personal. It must be targeted. And we must target out landing pages to our traffic sources.

So what are my top 4 traffic building techniques?

4) Google Adwords. I have a love-hate relationship with Google Adwords. I hate the fact that my conversion rate on AdWords visitors is less than 25% of my conversion rate everywhere else, on average. I love the fact that I can get as many as 1000 visitors per day from Adwords, so I can test opt in script and sales pages quickly and easily. Advice: Never spend more on AdWords than you can afford to lose, at least until you get good at it and have consistent results. Buy a good book on AdWords and learn everything you can and test everything you do.

3) Ezine advertising. I like ezine advertising. Why? If someone opts into your list from an ezine ad, what do you know about them? You know they read their emails. You know they click through links in their emails. You know they do not unsubscribe. In short, they are everything you want in a subscriber.

2) Other people’s lists. And no, I don’t mean stealing or buying or anything like that. I mean an endorsed mailing. That is where you have someone else who has a list, mail an offer to their list that offers some incentive for their subscribers to opt in to your list. It may be a free report or a free product. It may be useful information that you can offer them. You can either pay the list owner or swap mailings with them. For example, you mail an offer for them, and they mail an offer for you.

1) Article writing. This may well be one of the hardest forms of traffic generation because of the time involved. You cannot just write a check or use PayPal to write your articles. You literally have to sit down for an hour a day and write articles. And for some of you, it may not be easy to write. But let me ask you this. If you were to write for one hour a day for a month, do you think it will be harder or easier at the end of one month to write articles? Of course it will be easier. Just do it. Write for one hour every day.

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