Write an Autoresponder Sequence

This is critical to your long term success online. Ask one hundred online marketing experts whether they would choose twenty profit-producing websites or one profit producing list and they should all choose the list. Why? Because the list has long-term value.

Long after the coolest new product launch has come and gone, you will still have your list. You can continue to introduce your list to the newest products, whether they are your own products or they are someone else’s. If you lose your web hosting account for any reason, if you still have your list, you can switch to another account, and you haven’t really lost anything long-term.

But without a list, you would be dead in the water.

So how do you write an auto responder series? First of all, write like you are writing to a friend. In the first email, welcome them to your list, and explain to them what your list is all about.

For example, if your list offers dog training tips and techniques, tell them that. If you are going to recommend products to them from time to time, tell them that. Let them know why you are interested in their welfare.

After your first email, you might send an informative email every 2-5 days, giving them tips and techniques related to your topic. Send out survey emails, asking what they want to learn about, then put the answers to those questions in your next email.

Once you have developed a relationship with your email list, you can begin to email them recommendations of products you have used and you believe would benefit them.

Write daily. Just think, if you wrote one email a day, in one year you would have 365 emails in your auto responder. I cannot think of one expert that has that many emails written–and you could have it in less than a year, just 20 minutes a day.

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